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9 Baby clothes every mom should own: How much of each should you buy?

Sometimes, figuring out how to dress your baby can be a challenge. What outfits are the most important to get?

To help you out, this article will guide you on the essential baby clothes that every mom should own. Keep in mind that as you look for clothes for your baby, you need to go for items that are convenient, comfortable, versatile, and stylish.

This list will also give you a rough guideline on how many pieces of each outfit to get. These numbers assume that you can do your laundry at least every other day. If you wish to have fewer laundry days, consider doubling these numbers. 

1. Onesies

Onesies are some of the most convenient outfits for your baby. They snap at the crotch area, which means they will never lift to expose your baby's tummy like shirts do. They also make diaper changes very easy because all you need to do is open them up at the crotch to do it. 

Cotton onesies are the best for babies. They are super comfortable while also allowing for the maximum range of motion, which is very important as your little one becomes mobile. 

As you buy your onesies, be sure to get both long-sleeved and short-sleeved ones. Longer sleeves are perfect for the cold while short sleeves are great for warm weather. Also, get footed onesies that combine pants, shirts, socks, and mitts in a single outfit. 

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 6 onesies

2. Rompers

A romper, which is also called a one-piece, is yet another outfit that every mom should absolutely own. They feature tops and bottoms combined into one outfit with a snappable crotch. This makes them really convenient clothes when it comes to diaper changes.

Having more rompers will also mean smaller laundry loads. Plus, they are really cute warm-weather outfits!

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 3 rompers

3. Kimono tops

For the first two or three weeks after birth, babies have a sensitive umbilical stump. The stump varies in length from baby to baby depending on where it was clamped. As much as you can, you want to minimize contact with it. This is where kimono tops come in. Kimono tops are ultra-comfortable for the baby, especially during those first few weeks. They come in both long and short sleeves, so consider stocking up on aa few of each.

They also wrap around the baby's body and close on one side. This means they don't have to be pulled over their heads at all, something that babies do not like at all.

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 4 kimono tops; two long sleeves and two short

4. Bibs and burp cloths

To say that babies drool and spit up a lot would be an understatement. They can be very messy especially as they learn how to nurse properly. Investing in enough bibs and burp clothes will go a long way in reducing feeding-related messes. They are available in a variety of styles that'll keep your baby looking cute even when they make a mess.

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 4 bibs
  • Get at least 6 burp cloths

5. Baby leggings

Leggings are essential outfits that go well with just about anything. They are versatile, soft, stretchy, and really comfy. You're going to need to stock up on leggings if you intend to leave the house with your little one every once in a while. The good news is that they can be pulled under dresses or shorts or you could even combine them with a kimono top.

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 4 pairs of leggings

6. Footwear

Even though babies won’t learn to stand up on their own for several months, the right footwear is essential for keeping their tiny feet warm. As a bonus, they'll also complete all their cute outfits.

Your baby's feet play an important role in body temperature regulation. Since they still can't regulate their body temperatures efficiently, it is important to ensure that their feet are covered at all times with a thick pair of socks or comfortable shoes. 

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 6 pairs of socks
  • Get at least 2 pairs of booties

7. Outerwear

Babies need all the help they can get when it comes to regulating their body temperature. If you live in a cold area, buy several jackets and one or two heavier coats. You should also buy something warm for your baby if you live in a warm area because their body temperature can change quite rapidly in any environment. So, even if you are taking them outside for only a short amount of time, it is wise to dress them in outfits that will keep them warm throughout

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 2 jackets/coats

8. Hats

Why do nurses stick hats on babies' heads right after they are born? Simple: babies get cold really easily. A lot of body heat is lost through the head, and hats are great at reducing this. 

You should put a hat on your baby’s head whenever you take them out in the cold. You can also have them wear hats indoors, although watch carefully how they react to them. Wearing a hat for too long can lead to overheating. If your baby is fussing or reddening at the face after wearing the hat, take it off immediately.

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 2 hats

9. Sleepwear

The right sleepwear is a must-have because babies spend most of the first few months sleeping. Invest in a number of sleeping gowns in different styles because they'll make the frequent nighttime diaper changes a lot easier for both you and your little one.

How many pieces do you need? 

  • Get at least 6 pieces

Final Thoughts

As you shop for your baby's clothes, the most important thing to make sure of is that they are as comfortable as possible. A comfy baby is a happy baby. 

Need to shop for all these essential baby clothes in one place? We've got you covered! Check out our catalog to see everything we have to offer! And if you found this list helpful, let us know in the comments below! 

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