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Why are strollers so important?

While it is true that strollers can be quite expensive, the difference between them and the heaps of cute baby clothes you got on your baby shower is that a high quality stroller can serve you for years. Buying the right stroller can make your life as a parent a lot easier.

This article will take an in-depth look at why strollers are so important and why you absolutely need to get one for your little one. Let's begin! 

The importance of having a stroller

1. Safety and security

As a parent, you realize that there are places that you want to go to, as well as places that you want to take your children to. When you are in a crowded area, having your child in a stroller allows you to relax a little and have some peace of mind.

A standard stroller allows you to easily secure your little one by buckling them in so that they are right in front of you at all times instead of lagging behind.

2. Convenience

As your little one grows, you start to notice how heavy they become – a majority of kids weigh around 20 pounds at a year old, and around 30 pounds by the time they are 3.

Kids in general love to be carried. However, walking around with a 20-30 pound child for an extended period is hardly an effortless task as you will likely start to notice a burning sensation in your arms and may even experience backache. Pushing your little one in a stroller is a convenient way to relieve that weight.

3. Flexibility

When you have a baby stroller, you have more freedom to do other things, especially at home. When you need to get some things done around the house and have no one to look after your baby on your behalf, you can simply put him/her in the stroller and occasionally check in as you complete your tasks.

4. Comfort

If you have ever had to carry your child in your arms for a long time, then you probably know how hard it is to keep him/her calm. A stroller may prove to be a more comfortable carriage item than your arms, especially for extended periods. A quality stroller gives your little one the option to sit up or recline, ensuring comfort at all times.

5. Storage space on the move

Strollers are important for when you have to take your child to amusement parks, zoos, and similar outdoor excursions that require you carry items such as wipes, diapers, drinks, snacks, and jackets. This is because there is quite a bit of storage space below a stroller seat where you can store all these things.

Features to look for in a stroller based on your little one’s age

0-6 months

  • What you need

The main concern at this age is to keep your baby’s head stable and supported. Therefore, you need to go for a sturdy and well-structured stroller that has a good suspension system that can easily absorb shock and prevent jostling.

Another key feature to look for is a comfortable seat that can fully recline to allow your little one to lie flat on his/her back.

  • What you want

Look for a stroller that can accommodate an infant car seat so that you don’t have to keep waking up your little one as you take him/her in and out of the car.

  • What to consider

If you don’t drive around much, consider going for a stroller that has a bassinet attachment. The bassinet can also act as a mini crib.

6-12 months

  • What you need

At this age, your baby can sit upright on his/her own, which makes a stroller's seat all the more important. A seat should be spacious, offering a lot of support and cushioning, with several recline positions. It should also feature a five-point harness that ensures your little one is snug and secure as you push him/her around.

  • What you want

As you take your little one out and about, you may want to bond with him/her. A stroller that can face forward-facing for when your little one wants to enjoy the sights around him or backward/parent-facing for when you want to interact with them comes in handy. This stroller is a great option with this feature that you might want to check out.

  • What to consider

If you are an avid runner and want to bring your baby along during exercise, consider looking for a lightweight jogging stroller that can handle trails and sidewalks. This stroller is a great pick for parents who are constantly on the move.

18-24 months

  • What you need

Children at this age are more independent and curious and want to take in the world around them. Your little one might sometimes want to hop out of the stroller, so you'll likely end up having to carry it.

To make things easier for yourself, choose to go for a lightweight model that is quick and effortless to fold. This Travel-Lite stroller is a great option when looking for this feature.

  • What you want

You want a set of wheels that will make navigation of the stroller easy. This is especially important if you are constantly multitasking as you will be able to perform tasks with one hand and steer the stroller with the other one.

  • What to consider

A ride-on board is a great feature for those days that your child prefers to walk for a bit instead of being wheeled around.

Stroller features to consider regardless of age

1. Adjustable handlebar

It is important to take into consideration the fact that the stroller will likely be pushed by people with varying heights and leg spans. As a result, you will want to ensure that you go for a stroller that features an adjustable handlebar to accommodate everyone.

2. Sun protection

In the early days, you may be able to get away with using a blanket to protect your child from the sun. But as your little one grows and becomes more active, you will find a stroller that features a UV-protective canopy to be more convenient.

Final thoughts

A stroller is important to parents because it gives them that extra sense of safety and security when out in public with their little ones. It also allows for less carrying of children and more pushing, which gives you the freedom to do other things.

As you choose your next stroller, keep in mind that the lifestyle you lead along with your little one's age will determine the kind of features you need to look for in a stroller, as well as the type of stroller to get. 

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