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Traveling with your baby: a holiday packing checklist

Going on a holiday with your family is a great way to unwind and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in different surroundings. With luck, your little one may be the ideal traveling companion and spend most of his/her time sleeping. To keep your tot happy during your vacation, it’s important to pack all the essential gear that will ensure his comfort. Read on to discover a checklist of items you will need to pack for your little one for your holiday.

1. Baby travel accessories

  • Pushchair

Even if your little one is an older toddler who hardly uses a pushchair at home, you should still consider taking one with you. Vacations can often mean late nights, long days, and (hopefully) afternoon snoozes, so a comfortable pushchair that reclines can come in handy.

A simple umbrella stroller with a large canopy will keep your little one protected in sunny destinations. If your holiday will involve plenty of off-road and bumpy walks, an all-terrain pushchair is ideal. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting city and town locations, a lightweight collapsible stroller may be more suitable.

  • Safety seat

A baby safety seat is essential to ensure safe travel by car, bus, train, or plane. It should be securely fitted to the vehicle to ensure your little one is well- protected.

  • Baby sling

A quality baby sling or carrier is useful for getting about with your tot as it allows you to wear your baby and have them close at all times. This is especially handy in busy airports, cities, or planes – imagine having both of your hands free to do/carry other things!

  • Blanket

A light blanket will not only provide comfort, warmth, and shade but if it smells of home sweet home, it may also be a source of comfort for your baby.

2. Food and drink supplies

  • Bibs

Consider taking two or three silicone, wipe-clean bibs so that you can use them for your whole vacation – and not have to come home with a bag full of soggy bibs.

  • Sippy cups

Pack a couple of no-spill sippy cups that will save you the hassle of spilling drinks on planes, in cars, in hotel rooms, and in restaurants.

  • Milk or formula

If you plan on bringing formula or expressed breast milk, make sure you take enough for the journey. If you’re worried about the availability of formula in your destination, you may want to bring enough formula for your holiday. Remember to pack teats, bottles, and sterilizing equipment as well.

  • Breastfeeding

You may also want to take muslin squares or shawls if you would prefer some privacy for you and your tot for when you want to breastfeed with lots of people about. If you intend to express milk while on vacation, pack a breast pump as well.

  • Plastic Tupperware and/or food jars

Little lunch boxes or food jars will come in handy if you plan on self-catering.

  • Microwavable sterilizer bags

Sterilizer bags allow you to eliminate bacteria from teats, bottles, teethers, soothers, breast pump accessories, and small toys when on the go. All you need to do is fill them with small feeding items and water, and then pop them in the microwave for a hygienic clean.

  • Portable feeding seat

If your tot is sitting up and eating solids, you will need a portable feeding seat for your trip.

  • Portable cooler and ice packs

Make sure you pack a portable mini-cooler with some ice packs where you can store your bottled milk and perishable snacks to keep them fresh.

3. Bed and bath supplies

  • Pajamas or sleepsuits

Pack a couple of pairs so your tot will always be snug at nighttime.

  • Toiletries

Pack toiletries like shampoo, baby wash, lotion, nail clippers, antibacterial wipes, sunscreen, and infant nail clippers (if you plan on being away for more than a week.)

  • Sleeping bag

Consider bringing your little one’s sleeping bag on holiday to provide them with a cozy familiarity from home. Pack extra blankets for extra warmth.

  • Plug-in night light 

A portable plug-in night light will come in handy for those nighttime feeds and diaper changes.

  • Blackout blinds

Black-out blinds are essential especially if you're traveling over a long distance and your little ones are having a hard time getting some rest. Cover your windows with black-out blinds to block out the sunshine pouring in and interfering with their sleep.

4. Clothing and diapering

  • Diapers and other diapering essentials

Pack lots of diapers for your trip. Remember to also pack diaper rash cream, wipes, and sealable bags for disposing of diapers. You may want to take a portable changing pad for on-the-go changes.

  • Weather-specific clothing items

If you’re going somewhere warm, make sure to pack clothing items that will offer protection from the sun rays such as wide-brimmed hats and breathable long-sleeved tops or dresses. If your chosen vacation spot is chilly, bring clothes that will be easy to layer.

You will need multiple clothes and shoes: pack two outfits for each day you’ll be on vacation, plus two extra ones just in case.

5. Entertainment

  • Toys

Your little one will inevitably get bored at some point, so make sure to bring some of his/her favorite toys along with you to provide entertainment.

  • Tablet or iPad with a bumper bar

You might just have to let your screen-time standards slip on vacation. A tablet makes long drives and flights so much easier, plus they’re also great for mealtimes with toddlers.

6. Other extras

  • First-aid kit

Remember to pack a first-aid kit with items such as an antibiotic ointment, bandages, any medications that your little one may need, and emergency contacts.

  • Travel cot

If your accommodation will not provide you with a travel cot, you may have to bring your own.

  • Travel stair gate

This will ease your worries if you’re concerned about doors that lead to pools or balconies.

Final thoughts

Traveling with your little one can be tricky to navigate, but it doesn't have to be stressful. The key to having a fun and laid-back vacation is to make sure you pack everything your baby may need. This checklist details the items you will need for family travel.

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