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Tips for buying maternity jeans

Shopping maternity clothes and cute newborn baby clothes is both exciting and overwhelming. As a mom-to-be, seeing your body shape changing is a roller coaster ride of emotions. Therefore, having the right maternity clothes and jeans can make you look and feel more beautiful as well as confident. 

Read on to discover tips on how to buy the perfect style and fit, plus how to find a pair that you can wear even after your pregnancy.

What are maternity jeans?

These are jeans that are specifically designed to accommodate your burgeoning bump. They do this in a variety of ways, from either having a low cut design that sits under your bump, a higher waistband that goes over the bump, and by featuring a waistband that either adjusts or is able to “give” to accommodate your changing silhouette. 

What style of jeans should you look for?

Just like with standard jeans, maternity designs come in an array of styles to suit your shape and preferences:

  • Bootleg/bootcut

A bootcut is slim around the thigh, tapered to the knee, and slightly wider down to the hem to allow for a pair of boots underneath. This style of jeans is less roomy at the ankle than a flare cut.

  • Flare

A flare cut is quite similar to bootleg, but is wider and more flared out from the knee than the latter. It is usually worn below the waist.

  • Skinny

The skinny cut is slim-fit tapered through to the ankle. Skinny jeans pair beautifully with ballet flats, knee-high boots, or heels.

  • Slim

A slim cut is rather like a skinny cut, but the former closely grazes your shape rather than clinging to it. 

  • Boyfriend/boyfit/carpenter

Boyfriend jeans are so called because of their loose and baggy design. They are comfortable, plus they tend to feature plenty of pockets!

  • Straight

This is a classic style where the jeans are cut straight down from your waist with a slim fitting through the ankles.

  • Cargo 

Cargo jeans are similar to combat trousers, with the only distinction being that the former are made from denim. This style of jeans have pockets by the sides of the knees and a wide-leg cut. They typically come in full-length or mid-calf styles.

  • Jeggings 

Jeggings have surged in popularity in recent years. They are primarily known for having the look of leggings, but are made from a denim-like material, usually with a fake fly or an elasticated waist. 

Under the bump or over the bump?

Whether to go for an over or under the bump style purely depends on your comfort and style preferences. Over the bump jeans feel more secure, offer more support, and help to keep you and your bump warm. However, many pregnant women don’t feel very stylish or sexy when they have them on. 

Under the bump jeans are particularly popular with first-time moms-to-be. They are the go-to choice for women who develop sensitive skin on their belly during pregnancy. Under the bump jeans can slip down easily, but you can keep this from happening by looking for a style with a stretchy waistband or a higher-rise back. Baby clothing online stores offer a great collection for mom-to-be as well as babies, ensuring a comfortable range of clothing. If you choose this style of jeans, consider investing in maternity tops if you’re worried about showing off your bump.

Common design features in maternity jeans

  • Jersey basque

This is a soft,stretchy jersey front panel that expands as your bump grows. Concealed adjustable elastic can also help to make the fit better.

  • Drawstring

Some maternity jeans feature adjustable drawstrings at the front, usually with an elasticated band at the back.

  • Side panels

These are elasticated side jersey panels that are intended to expand with your growing bump.

  • Fly front

This is a normal button or zip opening that has adjustable straps concealed in the sides of the waistband, or jersey panels hidden behind the front pockets.

Should you go for zip-free jeans?

As your bump grows, it becomes harder to do up your trousers, and the last thing you want to do is to fumble with buttons or zips when you can hardly see what you’re doing. In addition, many pregnant women experience sensitive skin around their bump, so you want to steer clear of anything that might scratch or irritate you.

Most maternity retailers now offer pull-on jeans, which feature a soft jersey panel around the waist. You can find both under the bump and over the bump pull-on options. If you don’t mind wearing jeans with a conventional zip, make sure there’s stretchy side panels built into the sides to accommodate further growth

How long will they last?

You don’t need to wear a pair of maternity jeans for your whole pregnancy. In the first couple of weeks, your usual;l pair will probably still fit. If you have a tight budget, you may not want to buy lots of clothes that you'll only use for a short period. 

However, many maternity fashion retailers are now stocking items that look less like pregnancy clothes. Some designs have an invisible waistband adjuster at the back or sides that allow you to let out or tighten the waistband as required. That means you can accommodate your burgeoning bump as well as tighten the waist back in post-pregnancy. Also, If you plan on having more kids in the future, think about whether you should invest in maternity clothes that will last for more than one pregnancy.

What kind of fabric should you go for?

When it comes to buying clothes as a mom-to-be, new mom or for your newborn baby girl or boy, prioritise fabric over everything. If you’re buying jeans for your maternity period, denim seems like the obvious option. However, there are a variety of options to consider. Standard denim can feel a bit scratchy against the skin with hard seams, but most maternity options incorporate 1%-2% elastane to elevate comfort and allow easier movement. The higher the elastane percentage incorporated, the stretchier the jeans will be. You can go for stretchy options with 5% elastane in them, or you can simply buy a pair of jeggings instead.

What size maternity jeans should you buy?

When choosing maternity jeans, stay with your pre-pregnancy size (unless indicated on the item size chart). If you go for the larger size you may find that they’re too big in the bottom and thighs, and will have to keep hitching them up all the time.

How should maternity jeans fit?

Your maternity jeans should feel firm but comfortable. You shouldn’t feel pressure on your belly - your pair should feel secure and not fall down. 

Final thoughts

If you love wearing jeans, there’s no need to give them up completely once you’re pregnant. A well-fitting pair of maternity jeans can look just as stylish as your pre-pregnancy skinnies.

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