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Pregnancy announcement ideas

Finding out you’re pregnant can be one of the most surprising moments of your life, and sharing the news with your loved ones can be thrilling as well. Read on to find out some cute fun ways to deliver the news, and learn when and how to announce your pregnancy.

When should you announce your pregnancy?

Announcing you’re pregnant can be almost as exciting as finding out you’re expecting, but you may want to put some thought into how you share the news. When and how you announce your pregnancy is entirely up to you - you may want to tell everyone as soon as you find out, or you might not feel ready to share the news just yet. Remember, there is no particular way you should behave or feel when pregnant and every pregnancy and mum-to-be is unique.

Many mums-to-be opt to keep their pregnancy a secret until they’ve reached the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage is considerably lower. You may choose to share the news with your inner circle sooner than everyone else, or opt to share it with everyone at once - the bottom line is you should announce your pregnancy whenever you feel like it.

How to announce pregnancy

Before broadcasting your pregnancy far and wide, you might want to think about who to tell, and in what order. Depending on who you’re telling, you could let them in on the secret in person, by sending a pregnancy announcement card, on social media, or over the phone. Here are some tips on who to tell about your bun in the oven and how:

  • Telling your partner

Your partner will likely be one of the first people you break the news to - that’s if you didn’t find out together.

  • Immediate family

Depending on your situation, you might want to tell your parents and your partner’s parents (and siblings if you have any) in person. Of course, if they live far away, a video chat or phone call should suffice. 

  • Extended family

You can tell extended family members (such as cousins, uncles, and aunts) in person, via a phone call or video chat, or using a personalized pregnancy announcement card.

  • Close friends

You might want to tell your close friends individually or organize a group brunch, lunch, or dinner to surprise them all at once. 

  • Boss and colleagues

When you’re ready to tell people at your workplace about your pregnancy, your boss should be one of the first people to find out. Ask about health and safety protection at work, as well as maternity benefits you’re entitled to.

Cute pregnancy announcement ideas

  • Personalized onesie

Buy some onesies and have them personalized to display your good news - for example “baby coming soon!” printed on them to hold up and take photos with.

  • Box of treats containing the news

If you plan to share your pregnancy with workmates, consider bringing in a box of muffins, doughnuts, or cupcakes with the news spelled out in icing or written inside the box.

  • A career-themed announcement

A fun way to announce your pregnancy is by saying it with a message related to your career. For example, if you or your partner has a career in IT (or you’re self-proclaimed tech nerds), you can make personalised T-shirts that say “loading…” to represent your little techie’s imminent arrival.

  • Have your animal friend help out

If you have a cat, dog, or any other pet, you could have them wear a sign, T-shirt, or bandana with the message “my big brother/sister has paws” or “my humans are having a little human”.

  • Tiny shoes

What cuter way to announce your pregnancy by taking a cute tiny shoes photo with your partner? You can write the news out on a hard surface with chalk, with you and your partner standing on either side of the baby shoes.

  • A fruity surprise

The concept of this announcement is similar to the one that uses tiny shoes, but this gets bonus points because it has an air of mystery. It is also pretty simple to execute, as all you will need is two standard-size pieces of fruit (like bananas’ or orange, for example) to represent you and your partner, and a tiny version of your chosen fruit to represent the baby.

  • Gift the news

You can make a kit for your immediate family and friends that includes a positive pregnancy test, diapers, pacifiers, or any other items associated with babies. Wrap the kit up and add a bow at the top so that it looks like any other gift, and then enjoy watching the recipients unwrap the gift.

  • Piece it together

Puzzle lovers will love using customized puzzle pieces to make a pregnancy announcement. You can hand them out to family and friends or have them shipped directly to the individuals you want to tell. The puzzle can say something like “we are expecting!” or “baby on board!” when completed.

Funny pregnancy announcement ideas

  • Involve siblings

If you have an older child, have them hold a sign or wear a t-shirt that has “only child” crossed out and replaced with “big sister” or “big brother”.

  • A bun in the oven with a modern twist

Take the old-fashioned “bun in the oven” idiom and use it to announce your impending parenthood by putting an actual bun in the oven and posing in front of it. 

  • Riff on famous lyrics or movie quotes

If you and your partner have a favorite song, movie, book or TV show, you can use it to make your pregnancy announcement by adding your own play on the words. For example: “Give me baby one more time”, for lovers of Britney Spears. Or maybe you prefer James Bond movies: “My name is Bump, Baby Bump.” There are so many possibilities at your disposal! 

  • Use an earworm

You can take “Baby shark, do do do do” and turn it into “Baby (chosen name) due due due due” and add the due date. Just like this earworm, your pregnancy announcement will probably stay with people for days!

  • A passed out partner

This is a simple yet funny idea to set up. All you need is a photo of your partner sprawled out on the floor pretending to be passed out holding your positive pregnancy test. You can make a cameo in the background.

  • Scratch cards with a twist

Give your family and friends scratch cards to build up the excitement of winning a possible prize. Then they’ll be pleasantly surprised (and hopefully appreciate your sense of humor) to discover that the prize is your pregnancy.

Final thoughts 

Hopefully  these pregnancy announcement ideas will stir up inspiration in you and help you to find the best way to surprise your nearest and dearest.

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