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Jeans: How to style them for babies

There is nothing more adorable than seeing your little one outfitted in tiny, perfectly structured jeans. However, it is worth noting that how you dress a baby is starkly different from how you would normally dress older children. Since babies frequently flex their legs and stretch, conventional denim material isn’t the best option. Instead, jeans geared towards babies are generally made from flexible denim material that can stretch easily and allow for comfortable movement. Here is how you can style jeans for babies.

Different style considerations for baby

1. Toddler jean overalls

Overalls are a delightful way to outfit your baby. Consider for the classic overall styling, which typically includes adjustable shoulder straps as well as functional pockets. Rolled-up cuffs are a great feature for little legs, and accent stitching will give the overalls a realistic touch. Slim legs will fit snugly and give your little one an adorable, modern vibe. Cotton denim is a great fabric choice for jean overalls as it is super-soft on sensitive baby skin. An added bonus is that overalls made from this material get softer with each wash! You can pair jean overalls with just about any top and add on layers as you see fit.

2. Straight fit jeans for boys

Consider going for straight fit jeans that are designed with details that are reminiscent of adult jeans – a traditional five-pocket style, complete with belt loops and contrast topstitching. A straight-leg fit is casual and comfortable, and a bit of distressing can add an edgy look to an otherwise laid-back design. You want the top of such jeans to be roomy so that there is enough room for a diaper. An elastic waist makes the jeans easy to pull on, and stretchy fabric is suitable for younger babies or older ones who are learning to crawl.

3. Skinny jeans for girls

Skinny jeans are particularly cute on babies – something that you’ll ascertain as soon as you pull on these adorable jeans. The skinny jeans fit snuggly on your child’s legs, and the roomy top fits comfortable over her diaper. With the original jeans-style detailing and classic styling, these jeans look like a mini version of your jeans, plus they feature a cute lace up design that make them stand out. Pair these jeans with a flowing colorful top for the ultimate casual look.

4. Denim-look leggings

If your bay isn’t particularly fond of getting dressed, consider going for denim-look leggings, or jeggings, as they are popularly known. They are the most suitable look for infants – they look like jeans, but they are soft and extra stretchy like leggings. That way, you can dress your little one with ease. Jeggings allow your child to stretch, crawl, and play as usual, plus the elastic waist fits comfortably over a diaper.

5. Pull-on jeans

Pull-on jeans that are suitable for babies typically feature an elastic waistband (sometimes covered in a soft knit fabric) so that it stretches with ease and feels soft on your baby’s sensitive skin. Choose a pair that is made from 100% cotton fabric to ensure that it is comfortable even for crawling. For a boy, pair with a graphic top featuring his favorite things (like superhero characters or sharks). For a girl, a fitted top and a cute accessory like a headband will work well.

6. Ripped denim jeans

When choosing ripped denim jeans, finding a soft and stretch pair should be your top priority. These jeans come with a hip distressed detailing that makes your baby look like a tiny adult. The material is flexible and comfortable, and the elastic waist makes it easy to slide up the jeans over a bulky diaper. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about fasting a potentially uncomfortable zipper or button. The unique shape of this pair also leaves plenty of room to move around.

7. Jogger pants

As your baby starts to crawl or learns to walk, it’s crucial to choose jeans that fit snugly and don’t fall down. You want to go for jogger pants that feature a soft, stretchy waist that ensures the jeans stay in place without irritating your little one’s skin. Cuffs will keep the pants from bunching up. For fabric, a blend of polyester, cotton, and elastin is a good choice as it feels soft on the baby’s skin as well as stretches to accommodate all sorts of movements.

8. Skinny jeans for boys

Give your little boy a modern look with a pair of skinny jeans. The slim-fitting legs cling to your baby’s shape for an undeniably cute result. You can layer up on t-shirts for a hipster look, or pair them with a hoodie, sweater or jacket depending on the weather. Whichever option you prefer, skinny jeans made from 100% cotton fabric and featuring an elastic waistband will ensure that your child is both stylish and comfortable.

9. Denim pants

Switch up your baby’s every day wear with a fun pair of denim pants. Consider a design with an elastic waist for comfort and reinforced panels on the knees to reduce wear and tear especially for crawling babies. It is also important to look for a pair that stretches allover to allow for movement.

10. Jogger jeans

Jogger jeans are less stretchy than jogger pants, but they are still flexible and comfortable to wear, which makes them suitable for older babies and toddlers. Consider going for a pair that features with a rib-knit trim design for additional comfort around the ankles. You can’t go wrong with inner adjustable waist tabs to ensure a custom fit. You can pair these jeans with just about any tee, top, or sweater, as well as add on layers like a stylish denim jacket for a trendy look.

Final thoughts

Jeans are a cute addition to your little one’s wardrobe. As you choose a pair of jeans for your baby, consider the style, as well as their clothing preferences, especially if you have a toddler. A baby that chafes in tight-fitting clothing will be more comfortable in loose-fitting jeans; a child with a slight belly will likely prefer jeans with an elastic waist. By choosing comfortable jeans for your little one, you can style in multiple different ways.

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