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How to keep your kids engaged during coronavirus outbreak

Have you ever come home excited you bought your little one a toy, only for them to jump up and down screaming in joy but dump it a few seconds later? Kids tend to get bored quickly, and as the world looks for a solution to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents need to keep their little ones safe, entertained, and engaged. 

Visiting the park, museum, and zoo is no longer an option, and in many parts of the country, schools and places of work are close. All of a sudden, you have to work, manage house chores, and home school your kids. 

But, amid all the chaos, you can still have a balanced life and remain sane. These tips will show you how to.

  • Create a schedule

    Think of a school week and the activities that happen at home and school. Your child wakes up knowing what their day will be like, and what to expect each hour and minute. According to research, routines and schedules make children and adults thrive. 

    Younger kids don’t understand the concept of time, which makes it impossible to plan their day. They instead do that by the events happening around them. A routine makes it possible for kids to order their day, know what to expect, become confident, and help their brains develop as they practice how to make simple predictions. 

    If your kids are following you around the house and nagging about being bored, you need to establish a routine. 

  • Set aside some study time

    Let’s be honest. Most kids are thrilled they get to stay at home because they won’t have to deal with lessons they hate or do homework. But, if we allow them to lag, their growing brains will digress. As you create a schedule, set aside time to learn and practice concepts they would have learned at school.

    Also, use this opportunity to help your child improve in specific subjects. For instance, if your kid finds spelling and reading or math difficult, use the extra time to concentrate on the subject, so they catch up with their peers.

    Remember, just because you have to be a parent and a teacher does not mean you judge your child’s ability. Instead, be positive and patient and allow your child to try before you show them what to do. If any of you get frustrated, take a break, and do something entirely different, then try again when tempers are low and communication better.  

    Whenever possible, use games as an education tool. Research shows that games increase motivation, attention, and participation, which helps kids remember concepts. 

  • Dedicate playtime

    Without a doubt, this will be your kid’s favorite part of the day. Just because you are locked in the house doesn’t mean the games have to be boring. Come up with indoor play activities for your babies, such as running around the cushion or building a castle using party cups. 

    Kids love imaginative play, so give them the freedom to mess around with water pain and wash their dolls in the make ship salon they made in the corner. Of course, expect the house to get a little messy, but use this as an opportunity to teach your children how to clean up. 

  • Work out

    It’s impossible to take your kids for gymnastics or swimming lessons unless you have a make ship gym and a pool at home. Also, your little one can’t go for football practice to get their blood pumping and lose some calories. 

    But, there are tons of ways you can break a sweat at the comfort of your home. For instance, select a kid-friendly video on YouTube and ask your kids to follow. Better still, join them. Set aside time to listen to music and dance. 

    Dancing will get kids moving and sweating. Besides, it’s fun and engaging and an excellent way to spend special time with your kids. You can take time selecting which songs to dance to so everyone feels included. Apart from keeping them fit, working out reduces stress and encourages the release of endorphin, the happy hormone.

    Having kids at home due to COVID 19 is a way of ensuring that they are safe. Although homeschooling and parenting can be a challenging experience, take advantage of this period to impart useful skills to your little ones. We cannot predict how long the schools will stay closed, so keep your children entertained and educated with these fun ideas.

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