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How to buy baby clothes on a budget

If you are a parent, then you probably have an idea of how expansive babies can be – formula, diapers, clothes, daycare – they all cost a lot. One area where you can cut back on spending when you have children is baby clothes.

Buying baby clothes on a budget doesn’t mean settling for items that are of poor quality. This article explores a variety of strategies that can come in handy when you want to buy baby clothes on a budget.

1. Find cheap online stores

Online shopping has become one of the most common ways to buy items, including baby clothes. You can get newborn clothes, toddler clothes, and other baby essentials at reasonable prices. 

2. Try using cashback shopping sites

When shopping online, consider using cashback platforms. Some of them offer up to 40% cashback on online purchases from a variety of stores that retail baby clothes, including Macy’s, Amazon, Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, and more. All you need to do is to sign up for free.  

3. Buy from family members and friends

If you have family members and friends that have children who are a bit older than yours, consider asking them if you can buy baby clothes that they don't need. In most cases, you will find that they have a closet full of baby clothes that they want to get rid of, so they might even offer to give you items for free. Take what you get, and then afterward, sort through the items to find what you want to keep.

4. Browse Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find baby clothes when you’re on a budget. To get started, sign in to your Facebook account, and a link for Marketplace will appear on the left sidebar. Click on the link to see Marketplace ads. Go to the “Family” category and click “Baby & Kids”. Browse the listings for baby clothes in your area to find affordable deals. You can also list and sell any baby items that you may have on this platform.

5. Check for baby clothes in your local thrift store

Consider buying baby clothes from your local thrift store. Because kids grow at a rapid rate, they typically outgrow their clothes way before they wear them out, so you will likely find that the secondhand clothes sold in thrift stores are still in good condition. Just remember to give the items you decide to buy a good wash before putting your little one in them

6. Shop at garage sales

Garage and yard sales are great places to start when you’re looking for a bargain. One of the most reliable ways to get good deals at yard sales is by looking around for citywide sales. Some cities regularly set aside some days during which residents are encouraged to take part.

In some cases, the sale sponsor will put out a catalog that details all sale holders. The catalog allows sellers to describe what they're selling – you can take advantage of this to find participants who are selling baby clothes. Don't hesitate to bargain when buying clothes at a garage sale. You will find that most sellers are willing to lower their asking price as they likely just want to find buyers.

7. Don’t overlook coupons and gift cards

Coupons come in handy when you need to save money shopping online. Before checking out, use Honey, a reputable coupon finding-app, to scan the items in your virtual cart and start the search for coupon codes. This will save you from having to look for applicable coupon codes for each item. If Honey finds coupons, they will be automatically applied, and you will subsequently get to save on your purchases.

8. Shop offseason

Another way you can save a few coins shopping for your little one is by shopping the clearance racks. Consider buying snowsuits or winter coats ahead of time. Similarly, you can save quite a bit of money by buying Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or any other special occasion outfits ahead of the season. Just remember to consider growth spurts so that you don't end up with ill-fitting clothes.

9. Trade with a friend

If you have family or a group of friends who have children that are around the same size or age as your own, consider swapping clothes to upgrade your little one's wardrobe. Gather a few people in your circle and ask them to bring items that are in good condition but they want to get rid of. Switch clothes as you see fit and end up with cute baby clothes without having to break the bank!

10. Check local group sales

Check to see if there are any local group sales where you live. These sales are often hosted in churches as well as in schools over the holidays. You can usually find more information regarding such sales on local Facebook groups.

11. Browse Freecycle

Consider browsing Freecycle to see if you can find free baby clothes. Freecycle is a renowned non-profit organization that allows people to exchange items for free. This platform is free to join, plus you can also list the things you need.
Browse Craigslist and other similar sites

Craigslist is a great platform to find items when you have a tight budget. By browsing on Craigslist and other similar sites, you will find a lot of affordable baby clothes in top condition.

Final thoughts

One of the most effective ways you can save money when you have kids is to buy baby clothes on a budget. All these strategies will help you avoid having to pay full price for baby clothes so that you can spend your hard-earned money on other baby essentials.

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