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Best girl names 2021

Whether you’re about to name your new bundle of joy, researching adorable names for future use, or you just want to find out which baby names are the trendiest, it’s interesting to see the most popular baby names each year.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when naming a baby – some parents are influenced by pop culture, others by nature, and sometimes even a favorite relative – but the main intent is to give a unique moniker.

Read on to discover the best names for baby girls in 2021.


Aria means “lioness” in Hebrew, and it’s also a musical term that is derived from the Italian word that means “air” or ‘tune”.

The sudden increase in popularity of this beautiful name could partly be attributed to its use in TV shows such as Game of Thrones, which portrayed Aryah Stark as a brave and fearless character, and Pretty Little Liars, in which Aria Montgomery is a quirky and beautiful heroine.


Although many parents go for names such as Arabella, Isabella, or Mirabella just so they can call their little ones Bella as a nickname, this moniker on its own is simple yet enchanting. Bella has been getting a boost in recent years from parents who prefer the name Ella to the widely popular Emma.

You get bonus points for choosing this name if you are a fan of Bella Hadid, the beautiful supermodel, or enjoy singing along with the Barden Bellas, the acapella group from the popular Pitch Perfect films.


Charlotte is the feminine variation of Charles and has been a popular name for baby girls since the early noughties thanks in part to Charlotte from the classic children's book Charlotte's Web, as well as Charlotte from the TV show Sex and the City.

The name was further popularized by the British royal family in the 2010s, and its use is believed to increase even further in 2021.


Ella is fast on its way to becoming the next Emma, possibly in 2021. Ella is an effortless moniker that has an undeniable timeless appeal to it.

Well-known public figures with this moniker include African-American civil rights champion Ella Baker, popular jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, and singer Ella Eyre. Parents may be appealed by the use of this name in the popular children’s book and TV series Ella Enchanted and the fairy tale Ella Enchanted.


Emily was once the most popular name for girls in the United States, but it was overshadowed by the likes of Emma and Isabella in the 2010s. However, a lot of parents are choosing this name once more, as well as its variations, which include Emilie, Emmeline, Emely, and Emilia.

Well-known namesakes include actress Emily Blunt, author Emily Brontë, and poet Emily Dickinson.


Hannah is a unique name with Hebrew origins. It is considered as the breathier counterpart of the Latin-derived Anna. Cute nicknames for this name include Hannie, Han, and Nah-Nah.

Famous Hannahs include Hannah Arendt, a famous German author and philosopher, and actresses Hannah Taylor-Gorden and Hannah Dakota Fanning.


Ivy is a name that is derived from the name of the climbing, evergreen plant known as ivy.

This quirky name is experiencing a well-deserved revival, garnering a lot of attention when celebrity parents Beyoncé and Jay-Z named their baby girl Blue Ivy. The ivy plant is also commonly used as symbolic Christmas greenery, making it a great name for baby girls born in December.


There is something adorable and ethereal about a girl with this unique moniker. Luna was the goddess of the moon in Roman mythology, often portrayed as a brave and independent spirit. Harry Potter fans will gravitate towards this name thanks to the loony but sweet Hogwarts student Luna Lovegood.

Celebrities seem to be clamoring to give this name to their daughters as well, including Chrissy Teigen and John Legend in 2016 and Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz in 2013.


In Slavic languages, Mila is the shortened version of European names such as Emilia, Camila, Ludmila, and Milena, but in Spanish, Mila is the diminutive derived from Milagros.

Mila has risen in popularity in the past few years and is currently among one of the trendiest girl names that start with M.


Penelope is a name of Greek origin that means “weaver”. This name is projected to leap even further in popularity thanks to fictional characters such as Penelope Garcia in the popular TV show Criminal Minds and Penelope Clearwater in the Harry Potter books and movies.

Cute nicknames derived from this classic name include Poppy, Nell, and the more traditional Penny.


If you want your daughter to have a name that has a connection to nature, you may want to consider Willow. This beautiful name is reminiscent of a long-limbed tree that stands out because of its sweeping canopy of green leaves. This name has English origins, translating to “graceful” or “slender”.


This name is of Greek origin, and it means verdant and blooming. The most commonly used incarnation of this pretty name is spelled with a K, partly in thanks to reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

Famous Chloes includes Chloe Grace Moretz, Chloe Sevigny, and Chloe Bennet, to mention a few.


According to Nameberry, the name Maya has Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek origins, and it means “water”.

The alternative spelling of this name is Maia, and both have seen a steady increase in popularity thanks to its exotic connotations, as well as famous bearers such as the renowned author Maya Angelou, architect Maya Lin, and performer Maya Rudolph.


In the astronomy world, a nova is a star that suddenly becomes temporarily bright before fading. It has Latin origins, meaning “new”. It was first used in the United States in the 19th century and is currently a big name in Sweden and the Netherlands. Thanks to its hippie undertones, it has made a huge comeback in the US as well.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong name when it comes to picking the most suitable choice for your precious baby girl. In the end, the name you choose should resonate with your personal beliefs, parenting instincts, and a general sense of family identity.

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