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Best boy names 2021

Finding a suitable name for your soon-to-be bundle of joy can be nerve-wracking. Should you for with a classic name that will remain popular for years to come, possibly one that has been passed down in your family from generation to generation? Or, should you go for something that is more modern and unique?

To help you out with this, here are some of the best boy names that will see a surge in popularity in 2021.


Leo is a name that dates all the way back to Roman time. It was the name of kings, emperors, popes, and saints. Initially solely used as nickname for Leon, Leonard, Leonardo, and Leopold, this appealing three-letter name was elevated to first-name status.

Renowned icons that helped generate interest in this name include Leo Tolstoy, an author, Leo Howard, an actor, and Leo Fitzpatrick, a TV actor


This name has been in popular demand since the early 2000s. It has Greek origins, with the most famous bearer of this name being Alexander the Great. You might also be inspired by other famous namesakes such as Alexander Hamilton, an American statesman, and actors Alexander Dreymon and Alexander Skarsgård.

Alexander is expected to be a popular name in 2021, especially with unconventional parents looking for a more traditional name that still stands out. Plus, you can derive cute nicknames such as Alex, Xan, and Xander from this unique name


Asher is a name of Hebrew origin. The happy meaning, coupled with the soft sound of “Ash” at the beginning and the trendy “er” at the end makes Asher a strong contender for top baby boy names in 2021.

Famous Ashers include Asher Brown Durand, a renowned painter, Asher Angel, a TV actor, and Asher Roth, a rapper. Asher is projected to be especially popular with young, hip parents.


Grayson has become more popular than ever as a name for baby boys. If you consider all the spellings that are currently in use – Graysen, Greysen, and Greyson – it ranks even higher. This name stands out in a crowd of names that end in –son, such as Jason, Mason, and Jackson.


Ezra is a Hebrew name derived from the bible that is considered to be poetic and heroic. This unique name offers a distinct combination of consonants and vowels, making it a hit with parents in the 2010s, a trend that is expected to continue in 2021.

Well-known icons with this name include Ezra Klein, a journalist, Ezra Miller, an actor, and Ezra Jack Keats, an author.


Landon is a place name as well as a surname of English origin. Landon has been ranked on popularity charts along other trendy names that start with the letter “L” such as Logan and Levi. Landon is considered to be the more alternative version of the similar-sounding Brandon, making it a top pick for 2021.

Icons that share this name include soccer great Landon Donovan, director and actor Michael Landon, and race car driver Landon Cassill.


Hudson is a great name choice for a baby boy, with cute nickname options such as Huddy and Hud. Hudson is a renowned place name in New York, as well as a popular name choice for celebrities, with actress Gena Lee Nolin and hockey player Cale Hulse, and actress Lindsay Price and celebrity chef Curtis Stone, among the few famous names who have sons with this name. 


Jaxon is a wildly popular spin on the more conventional boys’ name Jackson. Alternative spellings include Jaxen and Jaxson, plus it has the effortlessly cool name Jax.

Famous bearers of this name include Justin Bieber’s sibling Jaxon Bieber, actor Jaxon Mercey, and Kristina Cavallari’s son Jaxon Wyatt Cutler.


Maverick is a distinctive, attention-grabbing name that will appeal to nonconformist parents in 2021. This name has the potential to help shape your little boy’s identity, leading him to be an independent thinker. This name is purely American, as is the popular basketball team the Dallas Mavericks.


Levi is a biblical name that has regained popularity in recent years, having been reclaimed by parents who prefer alternative names. It means “joined’ or “attached” making it a great choice for parents who feel especially close to their little boys. Levi Strauss is the renowned creator of blue jeans, hence the name “Levis’” for blue jeans.

Other famous figures who share this moniker include athletes Levi Porter and Levi Lind, and politicians Levi Boone and Levi Grant.


Mateo is the Spanish version of Matthew, which is a biblical name. Mateo shot up in ranks in the United States in the early noughties, slowing down in the 2010s, and then once again becoming wildly popular in 2020, a trend that is expected to continue in 2021.

Mateo comes with the supercool nickname Teo, as well as variations like Matias, Matteo, and Matthias.


Noah is a biblical name with Hebrew origins. Although this name has been around for quite a long time, it took off in the mid-90s, thanks in part to actor Noah Wyle in the popular TV show ER. Common nicknames include Noey and No.


Isaac is yet another biblical name that regained popularity in the modern world. Common variations of this name include Izak and Yitzhak. Cute nickname derived from this name include Izzy and Ike. Currently, the name Isaac is among one of the highest ranked, ahead of Isaiah, another hippie favorite.


This name has its roots in Old English, originally meaning “from the coal or dark town”. Colton is among the trendy boys’ names with the popular “-on” ending.

The nickname Colt is undeniably adorable, plus bearers get to share this name with icons such as actor Colton Haynes, hockey player Colton Orr, and singer Colton Swon.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect name for your baby boy doesn’t have to be a challenging and drawn out process. While it doesn't hurt to go for something popular for a name, the most important thing should be getting a name that you love. As long as they sound good to you, or you can relate to the meaning behind them, there’s no reason why you can’t go for one (or more!) of them.

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