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Baby boy names 2020

Parents-to-be expecting a baby in 2020 are busy trying to choose a name (or a few options) for their next-born.

Parents will usually have a general idea of the kind of name they want - classic or old fashioned, family-inspired, unique or unusual, on-trend, or a favourite from a work of art - but narrowing it down to just one specific name is a tough decision! And that’s assuming both parents are on the same page about the type of name.

Even knowing your little bundle is a boy doesn’t really limit your options; with the influence of names from other cultures, gender-neutral names, or just plain making one up yourself, parents are spoiled for choice.

For 2020, there have already been some forecasted trends that will be hitting birth certificates around the country and the world.

More of the Same

Name trends don’t change radically from year-to-year, so we can predict some of the popular names for 2020 just based on what topped the lists in 2019.
The top boy names of 2019 that will make a strong showing in 2020 are:

Liam. Sometimes a shortened version of name #3 (William), this name has been popular since the 1980s, but has really topped the charts in the last few years.
The name Liam is of Irish descent. According to, Liam means “resolute protection”.

Noah. This name has been in the most popular names for boys for nearly a decade now. The name Noah originates from Hebrew and many people associate it with the Biblical figure of Noah and his ark.
According to, the name means “rest, repose”.

William. Another classic name rounds out the top three names that will make a strong showing in 2020.
The name William has German (Willahelm) origins and was made popular in England in the 11th century.

On the Rise

According to the SSA, the biggest leaper in terms of popularity in boys names goes to: Genesis. This is followed by Saint, Baker and Kairo.


As always, 2020 will see its share of names drawing from pop culture. Classic and unique names inspired by TV shows like Game of Thrones and movies like Star Wars, as well as celebrity influences, are on the rise. Examples:

Kylo (Star Wars)
Stark (Game of Thrones)
Saint (name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West’s child)

Looking for tips on picking a name? Check out the post we wrote for 2019 with advice on how to decide on your child’s name.

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