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8 ways for your kids to dress to impress

Just like grownups, kids should also be allowed to put their best foot forward by wearing clean and stylish clothes. Whether you’re taking your little ones out for a stroll, preparing them to go for a play date, or traveling with the family, the outfits that you have the kids do it in is very important. 

Children interact with peers daily, and the way they dress can affect their comfort, confidence, and, of course, coolness. Read on for a few tips on how to dress your child to impress.

1. Look for clothes that fit

A lot of parents choose to go for clothes that are way too big for their kids because they reason that they can grow into them. While there is some sense to that, you want to take care not to size up too far.

Yes, kids typically grow up very fast, and you will find yourself having to renew their wardrobe regularly to keep up. Yes, they will eventually grow into outfits that are initially too big, and you will get to save a bit of money, but in the meantime, oversized clothes will leave them looking sloppy.

If you want your child to grow into an outfit, the best solution is to buy clothing that is just slightly bigger – half or one size up at most. This way, your little one will be comfortable and still look great, and you will also buy yourself a bit of time before they grow out of the outfit.

Similarly, you want to avoid dressing your kid in clothes that are too small. If your child insists on wearing their favorite shirt or dress that is several sizes too small, offer other fun options, or better still, take them along with you on the next shopping trip and let them choose an item of clothing that they like.

2. Comfort is key 

It is important to prioritize comfort when dressing your child. Keep in mind that the clothes that may catch your eye may not be the same clothes your child gravitates towards. Dressing your child comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean wearing sweat – it can simply be about working with outfits that they like. After all, they are the ones who wear the clothes you choose.

Allow their personality to shine through their clothes. Letting your child wear what they feel comfortable in will significantly contribute to their confidence, as well as encourage them to wear the items that you buy more often.

3. Look for quality

When it comes to choosing clothes for your child, it is crucial to take into consideration the quality of the fabric. Poor quality fabric will irritate the delicate skin of your child and consequently affect their comfort.

Low-quality fabric will also fade and start to fray after a couple of washes and negatively affect your child's appearance. To avoid dealing with such issues, you should always go for high-quality clothes that are well-made.

4. Ensure you dress them for the occasion

It is important to ensure that the outfit that your little one wears matches the activities that they are going to take part in. If your child is going to be playing at the park all day or has a soccer game to go to, then a fancy dress is hardly the appropriate outfit.

If your little one is attending a friend’s birthday, fancy colorful attires should work well for the occasion. If you’ve noticed that they tend to lose things easily, you may want to dial back on the accessories.

5. Matching outfits

It is trendy and undeniably adorable to match outfits with your little one. Once in a while, you can try to coordinate your pants or dress with your child depending on the occasion. Children naturally love emulating adults, and matching your outfit to theirs may help them feel more confident. There are different ways you can fashionably coordinate outfits with your child, whether it is by wearing matching swimsuits or sweatshirts for the whole family.

6. Dress your little one according to the season

When dressing your little one to impress, the weather or season should be one of the things that determine their outfit. Whether it is a sunny summer or a cold winter day, you want your little one to look fashionable. You have a variety of options, whether you are dressing your little one for winter or summer.

You can never go wrong with layers. You may find that the temperature fluctuates throughout the day, or the physical activities that your little one takes part in may cause his/her body temperature to change. Dressing your child in layers will make it easy for you to adjust for comfort without having to put them in an entirely different outfit.

7. Care for clothing

When you buy an article of clothing, it usually comes with a label that features instructions on how to properly care for it. You may be tempted to toss all clothes together in the washing machine, but the instructions on the label are there for a reason. Following them will ensure that your child’s clothes will last longer.

Consider putting away the laundry as soon as you take it out of the dryer. Your kids will look much better in clothes that have been hung or folded to avoid wrinkling.

8. Don’t overlook safety

While part of dressing your child to impress is style, remember the importance of safety. When shopping for clothes, you may want to steer clear of clothes with buttons on them – fastening systems such as zippers and snaps may be much safer as buttons can easily get loose and immediately present a choking hazard.

Final thoughts

When putting together an outfit for your kids, it is important to keep in mind that just because clothing is trendy doesn’t mean that your child will like it or feel good in it. However, if you come across something that you like, and feel that you can make it work, find a way to incorporate it into your child’s style.

As long as the clothes you choose for your little one are comfortable, fit properly, of good quality, and match the season or occasion, you won’t have a hard time helping them dress to impress. Good luck! 

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