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8+ Tips on how to dress a newborn

If you are expecting a baby, it is completely normal to worry about everything that has to do with them; from how they'll feed to how they'll sleep and how they'll dress.

This guide will attempt to ease your mind on that last thing: how to dress your newborn. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money on your newborn's wardrobe. They don't need that much stuff.

In fact, you'll be surprised at how fast they grow, especially over those first few months. They'll outgrow all their newborn clothes in no time. When dressing your newborn baby, the most important thing is to ensure that they are safe from the elements and are as comfortable as they can be. 

Here are a few tips to help you achieve this: 

1. Keep it simple

When dressing your baby, it is important to keep it simple. You’ll have to conduct several diaper changes in the course of the day and you’ll want to be done as fast as possible.

Simple outfits are convenient as they allow you to do so with ease. Complicated outfits with layers, bows, and too many buttons will pose a problem for you. Fussing around is not worth it, regardless of how cute they might look.

Also, you should get outfits whose neckline is stretchy such that they are easy to pull over their heads. If possible, get outfits that do not have to be pulled over their heads. Babies loathe having clothes being pulled over their heads. They tend to panic and cry and you’ll want to avoid that.

2. Invest in bibs

Bibs and burp clothes are invaluable as you raise your newborn baby. You should therefore buy them in bulk. Bibs are worn underneath your baby’s chin to catch the constant drool in the first few months. They prevent your baby’s clothes from getting wet due to the excessive drool.

This, in turn, protects your baby’s skin from irritation. You could get ones with quirky designs to transform your baby’s simple clothes into stylish outfits.

3. Go for outfits that fasten at the front

You should avoid going for clothes that fasten at the back when dressing your newborn baby. You should at least wait until your baby is able to sit up unassisted.

Although spending some time on their belly is essential for their physical development, doing so while dressing them may not be a good idea as it will stress them, resulting in tears.

4. Buy the basics in bulk

It is quite convenient to buy the basic clothing in bulk. These basic items include onesies, vests, and socks. This is because you’ll have to change these clothes rapidly in the course of the day. This is true especially in the early days with the spit-ups and the diaper changes.

However, you should not spend too much on these basic items since you’ll probably end up losing and misplacing most of them. These outfits do not need to be fussy or expensive.

How to dress your newborn for the cold

Babies are delicate creatures. In cold weather, it is important to make sure that your newborn is cozy and warm. First, your baby should be covered in layers. Layering your newborn’s clothing ensures that their body heat is trapped within the layers.

When going outside, your baby should be covered completely from head to toe. You’ll need thick socks and mittens to keep their feet and hands warm respectively.

However, you should avoid dressing your baby in too many layers. Dressing your baby in too many layers puts them at risk. As you get inside where its warmer, you should shed some layers.

To ensure that your baby is comfortable, you should check to see if they are sweating. If they are, then you should shed some of the layers.

How to dress your newborn for hot weather

Newborn babies are yet to have the ability to regulate their own body temperature. For this reason, hot and humid temperatures can be dangerous for them.

In such weather conditions, where the temperature is higher than 75 degrees F, your baby would do just fine with a single layer of clothing.

You could also cover your newborn baby’s head with a lightweight hat to protect them from too much sunlight. Dress your baby in lighter fabrics. They may still require one more layer.

However, the material of their clothing should be breathable. This will prevent your baby from getting too hot.

You should also ensure that your baby is shielded from the sun. You should avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight in both hot and cold weather. You should always ensure that your baby is under a shade especially in the afternoon when the sun is strongest.

When going out with your baby, you should also make sure that their eyes are protected from the sun by putting UV protection sunglasses on them.

How to dress your newborn for sleep

Babies tend to wiggle out of their hats and mittens as they sleep. This can pose risks for your newborn baby such as the sudden infant death syndrome. For this reason, it is advised to keep dressing to the basics as you prepare your newborn to sleep. All your baby needs to wear is a onesie under their blanket.

As an alternative to the mittens, you should consider getting onesies with built-in mittens. These won’t slip off during the night and they will also keep your newborn baby warm and prevent them from scratching themselves as they sleep.

How to dress your newborn for the car seat

How to dress your baby for the car seat depends on the weather. Fitting your newborn into a car seat in mild weather isn’t too hard.

Usually, you’ll only need to dress them in a onesie, buckle them in, and then place a light blanket over them. You could also add a pair of pants on them to provide an extra layer of protection from the pinching of the buckle.

During winter, when the weather is cold, you are strongly advised against dressing your baby in puffy attire when fitting them into a car seat. This is to protect your baby in case of an accident.

The air between the puffy clothes and your baby could be dangerous to your baby in an accident. Instead, it is better to take the coat off and then cover your baby with a blanket after you have strapped them in the car seat.

Final Thoughts

When dressing your baby, your number one priority should be their safety and comfort. Other than that, it does not really matter that much what kind of clothes they wear.

Remember the layer rule - your little one should always be dressed in one more layer than you - and you'll be just fine. Good luck!

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