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7 ways to have fun styling your baby

Dressing up your child in adorable clothes is a fun thing that most parents enjoy to do. This is because it allows for the exploration of different options to find what best suits your little one, plus it also provides the opportunity for quality bonding time. Here are a variety of ways to have fun styling your baby.

1. Stock up on accessories

The right accessories can make even the most basic outfit stylish. They are effective at pulling an outfit together, making it look complete.

You want to go for accessories that are not only versatile and easy to match up with a variety of outfits, but also comfortable and safe for your little one to wear. Here are some accessories you may want to incorporate into your baby's wardrobe:

- Headbands

Complete your baby girl’s casual or party look with a cute headband. You want a headband that is made of soft, breathable cotton so that you don’t have to worry about it leaving marks or rashes on your little one’s delicate skin.

- Mittens

Mittens are great for keeping your baby’s hands warm and cozy. Additionally, a cute, stylish pair can do wonders for your baby’s outfit.

- Hats and scarves

Keep your little one’s head and ears warm and protected with a hat. For added coziness, throw in a scarf as well. A hat and scarf set should ideally be soft and elastic for utmost comfort.

- Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fun and stylish accessory for those hot summer days out.

- Socks

Socks such as these cute animal print ones will not only keep your little one’s paws warm but also a bit of style to their look.

- Kid-friendly jewelry

Consider stocking up on kid-friendly earrings and bracelets for some added style.

- Bibs

Bibs are a must-have accessory for nursing babies as well as for babies who are transitioning to eating on their own. A bib in your little one's clothes will not only keep spit-up from getting on your child's outfit but also add a classy feel. For a fun look, chose colorful, soft bibs that are gentle on your baby’s delicate skin.

2. Go for trendy shoes

Add a bit of fun to your baby’s style with fashionable, charming, and adorable footwear. While choosing trendy shoes for your little one, make sure that you go for comfortable, soft, and flexible footwear that won’t be too tight on their delicate feet.

For your little girl, choose sequined booties, laced-up ballerina shoes, mid-heeled pumps, and tiny outdoor sneakers. For your little guy, go for casual penny loafers for a little gentleman look, or comfortable sneakers for outdoor excursions.

3. Mix and match

Make the most out of your little one’s wardrobe by mixing and matching outfits. Basic items like a pair of jeans, a white/black t-shirt, and a plain jacket can all be mixed and matched with several items. Consider adding these basic items to your child’s wardrobe to make it easier to get the most out of fun, brightly colored clothes.

For your baby girl, you can try layering a brightly colored dress with neutral cardigans or jackets. You can also play around with different accessories and shoes to complete the whole look. For your little man, you can try pairing jeans with a variety of graphic t-shirts. If you have the right basics, you don't have to worry about your child having a limited wardrobe as you can get several outfit options from a few pieces as long as they are diverse and easy to play around with.

Another easy way to mix and match is by experimenting with textures and patterns. Playing around with different textures and patterns will add dimension to your child's look and make it more fun. Try mixing a big bold print with a smaller basic one, or knit fabric with jeans.

4. Work their closet

Whatever goes into it should ideally be fun, stylish, and comfortable. Look for rich colors, and don’t shy away from splurge on super-soft, plush fabric that will not affect your baby’s delicate skin. You can also add a couple of cute hand-me-downs for a vintage feel.

For your little one, consider adding tiny pink hangers to the closet, or blue ones for your boy. You can also opt to go with neutral colors instead if you prefer.

The things that you put in your little one’s closet should be beautiful, meaningful, and functional. This way, you will look forward to opening the closet daily and getting your baby dressed as you get to style them as you please. However, if you have a toddler, it is important to take their opinion and personality into consideration when styling them.

5. Invest in products that smell good

It doesn’t hurt to have fancy diffusers that smell like cucumber or lavender or whatever gentle scent you’re into to cover up the smell of used diapers. A good tip is to go for a diffuser that humidifies and ionizes the air in the room. Choose an essential oil that you like and create a relaxing mood to make styling your baby a fun and fulfilling experience.

6. Invest in high-quality baby gear

Any seasoned parent will tell you that baby gear is essential. In addition to making your life more convenient, baby gear can also be stylish. Items such as strollers, baby swings, kangaroo pouch baby carriers, and prams come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs, so make sure you get quality products that fit your style.

7. Decorate the nursery

Have a bit of fun with your baby’s nursery by decorating to make it stylish, but without compromising its functionality. Pick a fun theme and color palette, buy a comfortable nursing chair, paint the ceiling a neutral color, and so on. Make the nursery a space that both you and your little one find comforting.

Final thoughts

Styling your baby doesn’t have to be a difficult, stressful experience. Choose to make it fun by stocking up your little one’s wardrobe with stylish but comfortable clothes, adding cute little accessories to daily wear, and choosing trendy footwear. To take it a step further, you can even invest in adorable diaper bags and blankets.

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