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5 Reasons why Children need Grandparents

Grandparents are important parts of any family. They are the glue that holds the family together. Being a grandparent is a huge responsibility, especially to your grandkids. Growing up is pretty tough these days; children need all the help and support they can get. 

As a grandparent, you have been around for a long time. This kind of life experience is the main source of all the knowledge and wisdom that you have. You have to pass these down to your grandkids and make their lives easier. 

Grandparents adopt the role of natural mentors to their grandkids. They get to instill values and life skills to a new generation in a way that their parents never can.

Being a grandma or grandpa means that you have already successfully brought up your own kids. Over the years, you have acquired skills, fine-tuned your talents and interests, and it is now time to pass them down to your grandkids.

A close positive relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents is important and beneficial to both parties. This article will highlight some of the reasons why children need their grandparents.

1. They provide a sense of security

Grandparents are a source of security for their grandchildren, especially during a crisis. Having someone to provide them with love and support in tough times can hugely impact the life of a child. Children need to have a close relationship with their grandparents in case of such situations.

Having a sense of security is important especially for older children who are trying to figure out their place in society. Children who are close to their grandparents are less socially awkward when they are among their peers and also tend to have fewer behavioral and emotional problems.

Children also find it easier to talk to their grandparents. They are more open about what they are going through when talking to their grandparents than with their parents. This is because grandparents are usually more willing to listen without being judgemental.

2. They teach the importance of family

In most cases, the whole extended family stays in touch because of grandparents. This impact that grandparents have on the family is important for the children. They get to learn the importance of family when they see everyone coming together. It also helps them feel like they are part of something bigger, improving their sense of self- worth. 

3. They love unconditionally

Grandparents love their grandkids unconditionally. The bond grandparents have with their grandkids is special. Sure, parental love is also unconditional, but it can be complicated. Parents have expectations and hopes for their children. The love grandparents have for their grandchildren is simple. 

4. They are a source of heritage

Grandparents have been alive longer than all other members of the family. This makes them the best source of information regarding family history. Knowing your family history is very important, especially for children. It helps them understand who they are and where they come from.

This information is important and has a significant impact on their lives. When children learn about their roots, it becomes easier for them to accept themselves for who they are and gain confidence.

Children also gain a sense of family identity from their grandparents. They become connected to the past by family traditions. This helps in shaping the personality, individuality, and decision-making skills of the children.

When grandparents tell their grandchildren the stories of the hardships they faced growing up, they may help their grandkids feel less discouraged when they encounter hardships of their own.

Some family traditions are also important and need to be preserved. Giving the children this sense of heritage will allow them to pass it down to their own children and grandchildren. It will help them feel less isolated and be less prone to psychological problems.

5. They are good teachers

Grandparents hold a position of trust in the lives of their grandchildren. The kids look up to them. This gives grandparents the rare opportunity to nurture and shape the lives of their grandchildren.

The best gift for a grandparent is time with their grandkids. They will use this time to teach their grandkids all the lessons and life skills they have acquired throughout their long lives. Their experience makes them the best teachers. 

Grandparents also have more free time compared to parents. They can also impart knowledge without being judgmental. They deliver their message in a loving tone and they teach in an assertive manner. This makes them the best people to teach important life skills such as empathy, conflict resolution, home economics, problem-solving skills, among others.

Grandparents can also teach their grandkids handy skills that will prove helpful in the future. Since they grew up at a time when things were less mechanized, they tend to have more practical and creative skills that they can pass down to their grandkids. 

Most grandparents are more than happy to teach their grandkids these useful skills. They also do this in the safest way possible as they are genuinely concerned for their grandchildren.

Some of the skills children can learn from their grandparents include sewing, how to do small repairs, welding, changing a flat tire, gardening, among other complex skills depending on their interests.

Most of these skills are not taught in schools today. When kids learn them from their grandparents, they can become fun hobbies for them and even eventual professions. 

Final Thoughts

Grandparents will always be important in their grandkids' lives. They play an important part in helping the kids grow up to be responsible adults. And since not everyone is lucky enough to have grandparents, this is a relationship that should be treasured. 

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