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15 Fun activities for a Rainy Day with your Toddler 

Of course, for toddlers, nothing beats having fun outside in the fresh air and warm sunshine. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes, the weather might not allow it, leaving them with no choice but to stay inside.

With everyone inside, keeping your toddler entertained can be hard. However, with the right box of tricks under your arm, staying at home can prove to be a lot of fun for your toddler. There are lots of indoor activities for kids that can make any grey rainy day less gloomy. The trick is to always be prepared, just in case.

This article will cover some of the best rainy day activities that your toddler can take advantage of to beat the boredom of being stuck inside. Here are 15 fun activities that will turn a rainy day into a memorable one for your little one:

1. Organize an Indoor Treasure Hunt 

One of the most fun activities you can have with your little one when confined in the house is a treasure hunt. Come up with a list of hidden items for them to find all over the house. You can make the game even more fun by including several clues that eventually lead to a big prize.  

2. Build a Blanket Fort 

Bring all the blankets and bedsheets to the living room. A rainy day does not have to be gloomy for your toddler. Let them help you build a fort out of blankets, sheets, sofa cushions, several cardboard boxes and chairs. After the fort is constructed, bring all the toys into the fort and watch your child have the time of his life under the roof of a blanket.  

3. Bake and Cook Together 

Most kids love being involved in the kitchen. There is nothing more enticing than the promise of a delicious treat at the end. Since they are stuck indoors, you could try introducing your kids to the art of baking and cooking. You could introduce them to new foods and flavors. The whole process is not only fun but it’s also a way of getting your kids involved in the kitchen from an early age. They will also be proud of helping to make something and feel useful.  

4. Color 

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity for your kids to get creative. It is the best time to bring out all the coloring books, crayons, and pens. You could set up a coloring station on the dining table. Once the coloring is complete, set up an art gallery to showcase your child’s talent.  

5. Decorating Cupcakes 

This activity requires some advanced planning. You should, therefore, keep your cupboard stocked with baking and decorating basics such as cupcake bases, mini marshmallows, chocolate, candy, and a selection of stars and sprinkles. After you are done with baking the cupcakes, let your kids go crazy with decorating the cupcakes. 

6. Have a Dance Party 

You can help your kids release their boundless energy by organizing a dance party. Create a playlist of all your children’s favorite songs then play it on shuffle. Move back the furniture to create a dance floor and let the fun begin! Dancing is the best way of exercising on a rainy day. You could also organize a dance-off to declare the best dancer.  

7. Look at Old Photos and Albums 

A rainy day is also a good time to look at old photos and tell stories. Bring out your photo albums and give each child their own. Looking at old photos is a great source of entertainment for kids. You can also allow them to get creative with decorating their own photo albums. 

8. Paint  

Most kids love being creative. A rainy day is the best time for them to get crafty. You can prepare for this beforehand by collecting things that can be used for art and craft on such a day. You could collect stickers, glue, cardboard tubes, glitter, wool, ribbons, strings, etc. This will give your child a wide scope to get creative. 

9. Make Sock Puppets 

Another great idea is setting up a puppet show using some of your old socks. Use buttons for their eyes, wool for their noses, and a piece of string or cotton wool for hair. Your kids can help in making the puppets using glue. After the puppets are made, use a cardboard box to make a puppet theater and let the kids put up a puppet show for you. 

10. Give each other Makeovers 

This is the time to bring out your old makeup, hairbrushes, nail polishes and allow your kid to get creative with both of your faces. You could give each other complete makeovers. You could also make things even more fun by applying makeup on each other while blindfolded. You can also play dress-up with your child with costume accessories and jewelry. You can then prepare a runway and have your own fashion show at home.  

11. Read a Book 

Kids love being read to. Use the rain as a perfect excuse to snuggle up with your kids and read their favorite books to them aloud. 

12. Family Movie 

There is no better time to cuddle with your kids under a blanket and watch a movie than on a rainy day or night. You could prepare snacks for the occasion and turn the living room into a theater. Find a movie that the whole family can watch and enjoy the show while munching on snacks.  

13. Play Hide and Seek 

Hide and seek is a very simple activity but kids go crazy for it. Use the whole house as your playground and watch your kids get creative with their hiding places. You could make it even more fun for them by pretending that they are impossible to find. You could also get creative with the rules such as having your kids recite the alphabet instead of the normal counting.  

14. Karaoke Night 

You do not have to own a karaoke machine for this one. You can organize a simple Open Mic night for you and your kids. Let your kids decide on the songs they are going to sing and let them sing their hearts out. You can make it even more fun by also participating. 

15. Have an Indoor Picnic 

The rain does not have to stop you from having a picnic. Spread the picnic blanket on the floor and set up everything. Bring the snacks and drinks and have your picnic indoors! You can also invite your child’s stuff animals to join in on the fun! 

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