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14 Ways Toddlers Can Wear Jumpsuits

Every parent loves seeing their kid dressed up in the trendiest clothes. Jumpsuits have been around for decades, but they still remain as trendy as ever. 

The jumpsuit is one of the most versatile yet functional outfits ever created. It is a one-piece suit that dates back to the 1960s. It is made by integrating the top and bottom parts of an outfit into one. Available in a variety of cuts and lengths, there are jumpsuits and rompers for all occasions.

Jumpsuits are perfect for kids especially as they play for many reasons. They'll help them avoid injuries and scrapes while also easing their movement and flexibility. They are also perfect for helping kids stay warm when it gets cold out. 

For toddlers, jumpsuits are great because they'll give you as the parent a very easy time when changing diapers because they are super easy to open and close.

If this has convinced you that you need a jumpsuit right away, that's great! But how will you make sure your little one looks stylish every time he puts one on? Well, this article will help you out on that front. Here is how to style jumpsuits for your toddler.

How can toddlers wear jumpsuits?

There are many different jumpsuit designs that your toddler can wear. Here are some of them:

1. Denim Jumpsuit

This is a casual style jumpsuit. They mostly come in denim blue, but there are also several different color and design options for them. A denim jumpsuit is perfect for the summer. 

2. Layer-style Jumpsuit

This type has spaghetti straps on it, giving it a touch of style and glamour. The top part has a very stylish layer style, and the bottom usually has pockets on each side. Perfect for little girls, the bottom part is also super-comfortable. This makes it very easy to play while wearing them. 

3. Striped kids' jumpsuit

Stripes are a timeless classic. Available in different patterns and colors, they are the perfect way to express your toddler's personality. Most striped jumpsuits will also have fashionable pockets for your little one to put their trinkets in.

4. Off-shoulder jumpsuit

Also perfect for the summer, most off-shoulder jumpsuits have a light, airy feel to them. They don't come with sleeves and will fit just right on the waist. 

5. Smocking kids' jumpsuit

This type of jumpsuit has some smocking done around the bust area. Perfect for every little girl, they usually come in tribal prints and bright colors. They are great for hot summers. 

6. Plain style jumpsuit

The plain jumpsuit is ideal for both daily wear and outdoor play. It offers ease of movement and comfort while also having plenty of color options to choose from.

7. Fleece kid jumpsuit

The fleece jumpsuit has a zippered front and a hood for the head. It is very warm and cozy, perfect for cold weather and winters. They will usually come in bold colors, such as deep blues, blacks, and maroons. 

8. Harem Pant Jumpsuit

This loosely-fitting type of jumpsuit is perfect for moving around and playing. Its bottom part is very loose, allowing kids to run, jump, and get as physical as they want. 

9. Dungaree Style Jumpsuit

Dungarees are classic yet stylish outfits. They are also perfect for summers and parties. The best part is that they can be worn over t-shirts or full-sleeved shirts. This makes them very versatile and great for any occasion. 

10. Lace Vest Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit has a lace vest attached. Its cotton material makes it cool and cozy, ideal for physical activities in the summer. It also has a formal look about it due to the lace vest, which looks very stylish. 

11. Dress-style Jumpsuit

As you can tell from its name, this stylish jumpsuit looks like a dress but still has pants for comfort. It has lace around the bust area and the edges of the pants, giving it a pretty, dainty and chic look.

12. Single strap Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit has a single strap that goes around the neck, and a smocking bust that gives the perfect fit.

13. Block Style Jumpsuit

Trendy and stylish, this jumpsuit has fairly long pants. This will give your toddler a lot of freedom to move around as they wish. For an even more stylish look, get one in attractive block colors.

14. Lace Floral Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit features several eye-catching parts that are made of lace. It stands out mostly due to the lace inlay around the neck area as well as the lace straps at the back. 

What to consider when getting a jumpsuit

There are several things that you need to keep in mind when getting a jumpsuit. Arguably the most important of these is the health and safety of your toddler. Kids at this age have very soft and delicate skin. Therefore, you need to make sure that the clothes they put on are comfortable for them. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Choice of material: Young children do not have a problem with cotton. This is why many jumpsuits are made of 100% cotton. If your child has sensitive skin, be sure to double-check the material that the jumpsuit is made of before getting it. 
  • Fasteners: Some toddlers do not like zippers. Others get skin reactions and rashes when they come into contact with them. A good alternative is to use snap closures. The only downside to these is that they may sometimes leave gaps and come undone.
  • Cleaning instructions: You may have to wash the jumpsuits manually by hand if they are delicate. If you are not okay with doing this, be sure to check the cleaning instructions attached before purchase.

Final Thoughts

Jumpsuits will never go out of style. With all the options available for them, they are a great way to ensure your toddler will always look amazing every time you step out.

Finally, as a general tip, consider buying clothes that are a size larger than your baby's actual age. For example, get size 2 if your baby is a year old. And whenever you are tempted to buy super expensive clothes, take a pause and think about whether or not it is truly worth it. Babies grow really fast, and their favorite clothes might become too small for them in no time at all. 

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