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14 fun things to do with your niece

You probably already enjoy hanging out with your siblings. However, what about their kids? To most uncles and aunts, that's where all the fun is. Your nephews and nieces are probably the sweetest kids in the world, and they definitely love you just as much.

That said, it is easy to find yourself at a loss of things to do when you spend time with them. Well, here are some fun things to do with your niece. 

1. Go shopping 

If you love shopping, why not take your niece along with you on your next shopping trip? Just set a budget so that you don’t go over your spending limit, then find out what they are into. You can do this by consulting with their parents. You can then set out with the mindset of getting a couple of things: 

  • Something they need 

This may vary depending on how old your niece is, but in most cases, you cannot go wrong by getting them some new clothes. The good news is that you have a variety of options when it comes to clothes for your niece, from jumpsuits to dresses to a top and short combo. The list is endless. Just make sure to take your niece’s preferences into account as you shop. 

  • Something they want 

This is a tricky one. While most people will probably just ask the parents, doing this often ends up having you buying what the parents want as opposed to what your niece wants. Your best bet is to simply ask your niece what she wants then getting that.  

2. Play with pets 

Pet stores or local shelters are great spots to spend lazy Sunday afternoons with your niece. In many cases, these places will have specific hours during which you can go and play with the animals, or have policies in place that allow you to show up and pet or walk the animals.

This will teach your niece how to take care of animals especially if she hasn’t had the experience, plus it is also simply a fun time to hang out with kittens and puppies. 

3. Watch movies 

Watching movies can be a great way to bond with your niece. Grab some popcorn and let them choose their favorite movie. Alternatively, you can bring along your favorite kid-friendly movies with you and have a viewing party in the house.  

4. Go to the museum or zoo 

A trip to the zoo will allow your niece to see a variety of animals and generally have fun exploring the different areas. Additionally, zoos have a kids’ area, so your niece can run around, effectively tiring herself out and making the ride back home peaceful.

Museums are another great option because they feature fascinating exhibits, and they also come with designated kid zones.  

5. Try out a science project 

Science projects are ideal when you plan to have a day in with your niece and want to do something hands-on. You can try making slime, or find a science craft book and try out some of the experiments you come across.

If you are not too sure of what to do, a quick search on Google will provide you with the guidelines you need to execute a successful project. This is a great way to get your niece to flex her brain so that she is not only enjoying what she's doing but also learning a lot at the same time. 

6. Do karaoke 

If your niece enjoys singing along to songs, then karaoke can be a fun activity to try out. Your niece will probably have her own playlist and will happily oblige to scream-sing to every lyric with you. Grab hairbrushes, and sing your hearts out right in your living room.

Music is known to elevate experiences, consequently helping you create memories with your niece's favorite soundtracks!

7. Make friendship bracelets 

Making friendship bracelets is something that a lot of kids associate with summer camp, but it can also be a fun bonding activity for you and your niece. You could try to make matching bracelets, add in some beads, or keep things simple by tying a few strings together. 

8. Bake goodies 

Baking is another fun activity for you and your niece to do. Opt to go for something simple or that you've tried out before so that she can take part and help out as much as possible.

Also, if you choose to make cupcakes, cake, or cookies, your niece will enjoy decorating her goodies once you are done so let her do that. 

9. Play dress-up 

You and your niece can have your own mini-fashion show. Your niece probably already admires your wardrobe, so you might want to pull out a few outfits for her to try out. Create a runway, and cue up a few of your favorite songs to dance along to as you model a variety of pieces together. 

10. Take a road trip 

If you have a free weekend, take your niece off her parents’ hands and go on a short road trip. Ensure you pack essentials such as food, water, sunglasses, a roadside emergency kit, a spare tire, and games to keep your niece busy.  

11. Hang out at the beach 

Break out your towels and swimsuits and load up on sunscreen and snacks. One of the most fun places where you can hang out with your niece is the beach. Spend some time walking down the shore and discovering shells, or simply wade in the waves.  Remember to bring with you pails and buckets for when you want to build sandcastles. This will make for a memorable bonding time that your niece will want to experience again in the future. 

12. Do a bit of DIY 

Spend time with your niece doing some DIY crafts – the materials you will need are inexpensive (construction paper, felt, glue, popsicle sticks, old socks, and so on), and if you are not sure where to start, there are some detailed tutorials on YouTube that can help you learn. 

13. Get active 

On a nice sunny day, consider taking your niece out for an adrenaline-pumping activity together. This can be as simple going for a hike on a public trail or setting up tents and camping in the backyard. 

14. Let them decide what to do 

Sometimes the activities you suggest to your niece may not be met with enthusiasm. In such cases, allow them to decide the type of activity they want to do. Let them have control as long as it is within reason and show as much enthusiasm as possible. 

Final Thoughts

The options when it comes to fun things to do with your niece are endless. Just make sure that you take into account their preferences as well as their attention spans. In addition to being fun, these activities will also allow you to get to know your niece better, which is always a plus. 

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