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11 Cute Newborn baby outfits

Becoming a new mom or dad is exciting and scary at the same time. You're overjoyed to finally be a parent, but you are also scared out of your wits because messing things up is the last thing you want. 

This worry starts even before the baby is born. One of the things most parents can't help but get stressed over is whether or not they picked the right outfits for their little one.

The truth is, newborns don't need an extensive wardrobe. They grow up pretty fast and everything will be too small for them within a few weeks anyway. Plus, if you know what to look for, getting exactly what you need won't be hard.

When shopping for newborn baby outfits, go for comfort, versatility, and style. Of these three, comfort should be your number one priority because without it, you have a fussy baby on your hands and that's the last thing you want as a new parent. 

To help you out, here is our list of some of the cutest essential outfits you absolutely need to get for your little angel: 

1. Onesies

Onesies are among the most convenient items in a newborn baby’s wardrobe. They are better than regular shirts because they snap at the crotch area, so they won't lift and expose your baby’s belly to the cold. You can choose to get long-sleeved onesies for cool weather or short-sleeved onesies for warm weather.

Another great thing about onesies is that they make diaper changes really easy because of their snap closure. They also allow for lots of flexibility as your baby grows and becomes mobile. The best ones are made from breathable cotton fabric, making them super comfy for baby. 

Footed onesies combine the onesie, socks, shoes, pants, and mitts all in one outfit. This is really awesome and useful as they keep your baby warm and cozy while also making diaper changes easy.

2. Kimono tops

Babies have their umbilical cord stump for the first 10-20 days after birth. The length of the stump varies depending on where it was clamped. If the stump is long, you may want to get kimono tops to minimize contact with the sensitive umbilical cord stump. 

Kimono tops come in long or short sleeves. They wrap around the baby's body and snap on the side. They are more convenient than shirts since you’ll not have to pull them over your newborn’s face, which they absolutely hate. 

3. Pants/leggings

Pants are great because they can go with just about anything. Apart from being endlessly versatile, baby leggings are also soft, stretchy, and really comfortable. They are good for when the weather turns cool or for when you head out with your little one. You can even pull them over onesies or under dresses or shorts.

4. Sleepwear

Newborns spend a lot of time sleeping. It is, therefore, a good idea to get some sleepwear for your baby since that's what they will be wearing for most of their first year.

Go for comfort over style. It should also be something that will allow you to easily change their diaper because they poop every couple of hours and need lots of diaper changes every night. You want to make those midnight diaper changes as easy for yourself as possible.

5. Footwear

Because they can't walk yet, newborns only need footwear for extra warmth. Shoes and socks play this role perfectly. Plus, they also complete their cute little outfits!

6. Outerwear

Newborn babies need a lot of help in regulating their body temperature. If you live in a cold area, you’ll want to have several baby jackets and or a heavier coat. You should also invest in warm outerwear if you live in a milder or warmer climate. Because their body temperature changes rapidly, they should dress warmly even if you are taking them outside for only a short period of time. 

7. Hats

Babies get cold easily. A hat really helps to regulate their body temperature. This is why nurses at the hospital will put a hat on your newborn baby’s head.
If you are going to be taking the baby outside, the cap will also protect them from the harsh weather.

That said, wearing a hat all the time can lead to overheating. If you notice your baby fussing or the face reddening, remove the hat immediately.

8. Rompers

Rompers are also called one-pieces. They are tops and bottoms in one piece, with a snap at the crotch area for easier diaper changes. Having a one-piece outfit will mean fewer pieces of clothing to put on your newborn baby, and a smaller laundry load. Rompers also look pretty stylish, making the perfect go-to outfit for warm weather. 

9. Baby sunglasses

Nothing is cuter than a baby wearing a pair of sunglasses! Apart from making them look even more adorable, sunglasses also protect their eyes from the sun’s strong rays. Go for sunglasses whose lenses offer 100% protection from the sun’s UV rays. They are perfect for whenever you want to head out in warm, sunny weather. 

10 Bibs and burp cloths

Newborn babies spit up and drool a lot as they learn to nurse. This is why you should stock up on bibs and burp cloths. Bibs help keep your baby’s outfits clean by reducing feeding-related messes. Burp cloths are meant for burping your baby.

Bibs and burp cloths also come in lots of cute designs, colors, and styles. They are the perfect way to keep your baby looking cute even when they have made a mess.

11. Blankets and swaddles

Blankets and swaddles are also important for your infant in the first few months. You’ll want to keep your newborn tucked up in a soft, cozy blanket to keep them warm throughout the day. Swaddles and blankets are available in adorable colors and patterns.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. With these cute essentials, your little one should have everything they need. Good luck!

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