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High Top Kids Canvas Shoes

$24.95 $40.00

First Walker Sneakers Shoes

$15.99 $25.00

Plush Ears Winter Shoes

$12.00 $20.00

Low Top Kids Canvas Shoes

$24.95 $35.00

"Self-Care" First Walker Booties

$14.99 $20.00
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Colored Flower Shoes

$12.99 $20.00

Warm Plush Snow Boots

$19.99 $30.00
PinkBlackOrangeSky blueLavenderBrownRed

Animal Patch Leggings

$12.99 $20.00

Fun Animal Soft Walker Shoes

$14.99 $25.00
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Lovely Colors Bow Leggings

$11.99 $20.00

Baby Sock Shoes


Shop Kids’ Shoes, Sandals & Boots Online at MoonBun

Your little one has grown enough to chase your pet in the backyard. Her little feet are still very delicate to expose to the lawn mowed yesterday. It’s time to shop for kids’ shoes for her. Maybe, she has begun to dislike her existing pairs and now she deserves a few new pairs of kids’ summer shoes. Your little one cannot wear the same kid’s winter shoes when the summer makes a comeback.

MoonBun brings you to an exclusive range of kids summer and winter shoes at the best prices. Our kid’s shoes do not only look cute but also protect your kid's delicate skin when she is having fun on any type of floor.

While kids show reluctance to wear shoes, we understand that some of them really feel uncomfortable as shoes are not breathable enough. Sometimes, this happens when they outgrow their shoes. Therefore, it's time to change the size and shop from our collection of shoes available in a range of beautiful colors, designs, styles, and patterns. You can shop comfy and stylish buckled shoes, slip-on shoes, lace-up shoes, and more. As kids wander around without giving any thought to what is on the floor, they might slip. What if your little one’s toe hits the ground? For this reason, all of our shoes are anti-slip. Each air provides toe protection. You can let your kids have fun without worries.

We have cute and trendy shoes both for regular use and special occasions. They can wear our shoes at home and in public places. From kid’s canvas shoes to kids sneaker shoes, each style comes in different sizes. Size is the most important thing to consider as too tight shoes can cause problems like lack of stability on the feet, production of blisters between toes, toes deformation, and even structural problems. This can cause numbness, pain, and inflammation in the ball or heel. Wearing loose-fitting shoes leads to friction that can cause corns and calluses, blisters, and other similar problems. To help you pick the right size, we have shared a size chart with each pair. All you have to do is to take measurements and check our size chart.

When it comes to the size of shoes, different countries have different standards. You can check the size according to the US, UK, EU, and Canada standards in centimeters and inches.

Newborn Baby & Toddler Trendy Shoes That Offer Style And Comfort

Check out the diverse styles and prints available in toddler girl shoes & toddler boy shoes at MoonBun. Now, your baby girl can tap her feet and dance around in the versatile baby girl shoes available online at our store. Even the little boys can have fun and run to the grocery shop with you in the fascinating baby boy shoes. The trendy shoes collection is definitely amazing plus comfortable. The high quality newborn shoes are made from good quality materials and will never cause a problem to your babies. There are infant girl shoes and infant boy shoes available at MoonBun. All you need to do is find the newborn baby shoes that suit your baby the best. For your little princesses, there are little girl shoes, baby girl boots, baby girl sandals and so much more. Then, there are baby boy sneakers and so on for the naughty boys. There’s a huge range of collection for girls as well as boys at our online store. Babies can now play outside and indulge in indoor or outdoor activities easily with the right pair of cute baby shoes. Even the infants don’t need to worry because there are infant baby shoes and newborn sneakers coming your way in different colors, styles, patterns and designs.  From the newborn baby girl shoes, infant sandals to baby girl sneakers, baby girl dress shoes and what not! MoonBun has the whole range of awesome footwear for baby boys and girls. Let your angels tap their feet to dance and have fun as this is the perfect platform from where you can choose the right fit for them. Your little angels won’t suffer if they’re wearing the right fit that’s top-notch and comfortable. 

Awesome Newborn Baby & Toddler Shoes For The Little Ones 

At MoonBun, you can have shoes of every size and style. There are baby girl and boy crib footwear for the infants that are soft and available in top quality fibre and standards. Then there are long boots or the winter boots to style up in the festive season. It’s up to you to choose the best one for your little girl/boy.

With the cute and unique newborn baby boy and girl shoes online, parents will have a large variety of options to choose from.. Now, it’s easy for the parents to stuff their kid’s wardrobes with summer and winter newborn baby and toddler footwear collection that includes canvas shoes, sneakers, winter shoes, mesh sandals, flower shoes, snow boots, animal soft walker shoes, slipper boots, etc.

Don’t worry because the best place to buy baby shoes is here! Grab the best offers on kids’ shoes online! Ultimately, your baby’s personality is reflected in his/her footwear, so why not make it one of the best choices? Select the online baby shoes that suit your baby the best. Make a wise decision by choosing cute and trendy baby and toddler shoes. You can also check out the stylish baby winter shoes to rock the winter season.

The huge collection of footwear is waiting here for you. Newborn baby shoes at affordable rates are waiting for you. Get ready to explore with us. Browse online to check out the amazing collection of footwear. 

Check out our collection of kids’ shoes now.