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Anti-Dust Auto Closing Pacifier


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Every baby is different but one thing is guaranteed: they're going to drop things. A lot. On every floor. Everywhere.

Unfortunately, pacifiers are one thing they tend to drop a lot and then pop right back in their mouths. That’s what makes this particular pacifier so special - it is drop-proof!

How, you ask?

It has a genius shell that closes when dropped, protecting the nipple from dust and dirt and whatever else they drop it in.

This pacifier will be your new go-to because it:

  • Is made from all safe materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Provides a cozy space for your little one with soft fabric and built-in support
  • Is made to last using wear-resistant silicone nipple
  • Has an easy to grasp handle = fewer times you have to pick up a dropped pacifier
  • Means no more lost pacifier covers, since the shell is attached
  • Is available with both flat and round nipples to suit your baby’s preference
  • Comes in a variety of colour options



Picture this: you’re in the grocery store with your fussy baby. A pacifier is the only thing keeping her fussing from turning into full-on baby rage. You look away for a second and bam, the pacifier has fallen (or been thrown) onto the dirty floor. You don’t have any backups with you.

What do you do?

With this pacifier, the answer is easy: pick it up, knowing the shell has protected it from the grossness of the floor and give it right back to baby. Crisis averted. Parent success.

    The next time your baby drops (or, as likely, discovers throwing and tosses everything in their reach) their pacifier, rest easy knowing it will stay clean and protected and you don't have to carry a million backups with you.

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