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The Onesie Extender

$4.99 $9.99

Claire Headband

$13.97 $20.97
BlueCaramelYellowKhakiLight pink

Mermaid Purse

$13.97 $20.97
GreenPurplePinkHot pinkBlueMulti

Crochet Camille Headband

$13.97 $20.97

Princess Tiara Headband

$13.97 $20.97

Bandeau Bebe Headbands

$14.00 $61.66
Pink rosePink multiUsaCloversMermaidHeartsBlack multiStripes

Sequin Bow Headband

$14.97 $22.97
PinkDark pinkRedPurpleGreenBeigeAquaWhite

Ruffle Bow Socks

$14.97 $21.97
WhiteBlackGrayDark blueRedPinkYellowOrange

Tentacle Beanie

$14.97 $22.97
BlackPurpleArmy greenWhitePinkKhakiRose redRedBlueGreen

One of the best and most fun things about welcoming a baby into your family is shopping for the clothes. And this may be biased, but girls clothing might just be the cutest thing on the entire planet. From adorable play clothes to the fanciest party dresses, we have a selection of clothes for her whether she’s just a newborn or taking her first steps or well into her terrific twos. When it’s time for running and playing, our comfortable and active-toddler-friendly tracksuits and stretchy pants and tops won’t get in her way.

Welcome the sunshine in summer with fun and trendy jumpsuits and rompers that have personality to match your little lady’s... well, almost. Toddlers can even help pick out their style of clothes - from more unisex options to all the tutus and frills a girl could want.

Don’t have time to coordinate stylish outfits for your child? We get it. We have designer sets and outfits put together already so the hard work is done for you - all you have to do is get her into it (actually that is probably the harder part, sorry we can’t help there).